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hello to the house-arrested and the day-drunk citizens of terra firma! I don’t know what brought you to my new journal, but I’m glad you’re here. I’ve had many journal-type sites over the years and history would suggest that they always tend to be a slow-burn that I become more effective with over time, so it might be worth sticking around to see where this is all headed. I don’t even know, so you couldn’t possibly know. If nothing else, you’ll get to hear some new music!

I have intentionally called this a ‘journal’ instead of a ‘blog’ because, at least to me, there is a difference. I intend to use this as if it were one of my actual journals [sketches, ideas, stories, half-thoughts, works-in-progress, outtakes, etc] as opposed to it being fully-formed grammatically perfect spellchecked lengthy well-researched postings. That’s the entire premise and rationale why I think this will be a neat experiment to have for the next few years.

There will be a ‘blog’ component from time-to-time though, as there’s point ruling that out completely. I’ve had many blogs over the years, but the built-in expectation to write a certain way always ends up boring me to tears in the end and things wind up gathering dust. It has to be fun for me, otherwise, the tank will empty very rapidly. I know how I tend to work.

I have so much digital content from nearly two decades of creativity that I want to spill onto these pages. I’m going to try and be as open with my stuff as possible.

Oh, and just to mention, these posts will always be at least one or two months behind my [soon to launch]¬†postings on Patreon – Not only that, but I’ll only post 50% or less on here at all – so if you dig the content on here … you’re missing the other half unless you join my upcoming Patreon.

Anyways, I hope you stick around.
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